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Storage Tips

Storage Tips Do's...

  • Stack your things in similar sized boxes as they will be easier to stack. A VALUE SELF-STORAGE sells a full line of boxes, and packing materials.
  • Stack heavier items on the bottom. But be sure not to over pack boxes so they get too heavy and become dangerous.
  • Make a plan on how to organize your unit. This will save you time in the future. It's best to stack chairs seat to seat and use larger items to store blankets, cloths, and other smaller items.
  • Label items on all sides.
  • Pack items that you will be frequently accessing towards the front.
  • Disassemble large items such as tables, bed frames, etc... This will help by creating more space and prevent these items from breaking.
  • Always use high quality locks on your unit. A VALUE SELF STORAGE sells locks on-site; ask the Store Manager for details.
  • Use trash cans to store shovels, rakes, and other hand tools.
  • When storing business files, label all boxes and construct aisles so files are easily seen and accesible.
  • Store mirrors and paintings on end, do not lay them flat. Wrap and label them fragile.
  • Lay blankets or cloth over and between furniture to prevent scratching.

Storage Tips Don'ts...

  • Store any food or other perishable items in your unit, as it will attract unwanted pests.
  • Leave paint, oil, or gasoline in your storage unit. Drain all gas and oil from lawnmowers, snow blowers etc...
  • Put mothballs in boxes, they could possibly leave stains on clothing or other materials.
  • Give any untrusted source access codes or key to your storage unit.
  • Don't hesitate to ask an A VALUE SELF-STORAGE associate any questions you may have before or during your move in.